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Name: Aria D’angelo (Goes by Ari in the Hunter world)

Age: 23 (DOB May 26)

Sex: Female

Appearance: Aria is naturally tan girl, due to her Italian lineage, who stands at 5’6. While she may not look it, she actually has quite a bit of muscle. She has shoulder length layered black hair with side swept bangs and grass green eyes. Typically she wears jeans, converse and a t-shirt with a form fitting black leather jacket which once belonged to her best friend. She has an anti-possession tattoo on the left side of her waist, which shows whenever her shirt rides up. In addition to that she has one other anti-possession tattoo, as backup, on her right ribcage. She also wears reading glasses as needed.

Personality: Aria is an independent intuitive girl. She’s determined and always strives to know new things. She can spend hours on a computer or in a library and not even notice the time go by. She’s very observational on the things that happen around her. She’s quiet most of the time but when in a good mood she’s very chatty and playful. When she’s sad she sulks silently and doesn’t like to be bothered and when she’s angry she gets destructive. She’s very practical and easily lives life on the road.

Background: Aria was born to a rich family and had a very easy life. She was an excellent student both in class and in sports. After graduating high school she had the pick of the litter when it came to colleges, but in the end she went to the same college her life-long best friend Callie picked, the University of Texas. The two friends got an apartment together their first semester. Aria was unsure on what to study so she studied it all and in her second year became especially interested in history. It then became her goal to be a professor. Callie on the other hand knew that she wanted to be a psychologist. For two years the two lived together peacefully and happily.

In the summer after their second year they’d gone home to their small town. One night while the two were having a sleep-over at Aria’s parents’ house when they heard a scream come from down the hall. The two rushed towards the sound which had come from Aria’s parent’s room. Callie went through the door first, she was taller and faster. Before Callie had the chance to even scream she was lifted into the air and thrown across the room. Aria froze at the door then started backing away. She saw her best friend crumple against the wall. Aria noticed her parents torn apart on the bed, literally. Then she heard a growling get farther away, closer to Callie. Aria backed away quicker and took off running as she heard Callie get ripped apart.

Somehow Aria managed to make it out of the house alive, by some miracle. She went to a neighbor’s who then called the police but of course they couldn’t do anything and Aria couldn’t say a word. She knew that if she told the officers that her family was torn apart by some invisible dog then they’d send her away somewhere. So she stayed quiet. During the investigation a girl and some guy came to town to investigate her parent’s and best friend’s deaths. While talking to them she learned the truth of the matter. Her parents had signed a deal with a demon ten years ago. She didn’t know the specific reason why and she doubted she ever would. Callie had just busted in at the wrong time and was killed as consequence.

After that Aria made sure all the legal things were taken care of and then went on the road like the two hunters that had come to her during the investigation. She dropped school and packed her essentials then got to work. With Aria’s love of history also came the love of research. She helped many hunters on cases and in return was taught the business. She learned many things from the hunter community and after a year in the business she was known throughout as the go-to girl for research and data. Aria was always finding something new. With her available stash of money from her inheritance it was easy to get her hands on needed items and information. She had connections all around the world, both human and supernatural.

Other: She drives 2011 four door Chevy Silverado.
Since I can't draw, I had to type up a profile for my Supernatural OC, not a problem though, I'm good with writing anyways.
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