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Name: Lizzy Bishop

Age: 328 (looks 17)

Sex: Female

Appearance: Lizzy has large dark blue eyes and changing hair colors.Her hair hangs about mid-back. Depending on what she wants will be the color of her hair, though most of the time it’s constantly changing, unless around most humans. She’s tiny, standing at 5’3 and thin as a rail. She likes to wear anything, as long as it suits her, she especially likes to dress up. But like her hair, she changes it often.

Personality: Lizzy is a bright and bubbly girl. She always has a pep in her step and has a grin like the Cheshire cat (though her grin was a little smaller given her stature)—she even does impressions of him, disappearing and all. She’s a very adventurous person and loves to meet new people. She has a very childish attitude to things. When it calls for it though she can be completely serious and be an extreme help. When she sets her eyes on something she won’t stop until she’s finished with it. She has a love of all food, especially junk food. She’s like a teenage girl in all ways but her age and the fact that she’s a witch unlike any of other.

Backstory: Lizzy is the daughter of the well-known Bridget Bishop from the Salem Witch Trials in the 1600s. Lizzy was only six when her mother was put to death, but thankfully they didn’t know about little Lizzy. Her mother had hidden Lizzy in a small cabin not too far from Salem under the protection of another witch. Lizzy was a natural with witchcraft. She mastered it before she even turned 16. At 17 her guardian allowed her to leave their little home and Lizzy quickly took up the opportunity. She travelled the world and did anything and everything.

Lizzy isn’t like the modern witches. She had a special talent, likely due to the mixing of her mother and another powerful witch (or something else supernatural). Throughout the years she got mixed up in several things. She was at a lot of important events in history, observing, playing, watching, doing whatever it was she wanted. How she wasn’t caught and killed was a mystery.

In 2012 Lizzy ran into a newer hunter, Aria, and with Aria’s love of history and Lizzy’s knowledge and personal connections to many events, the two got along easily—regardless of their differences. Luckily Aria wasn’t as biased as some hunters when it came to witches. Lizzy became one of Aria’s friends and while she didn’t’ stay with her all the time, sometimes she’d pop up and help the other girl out on some hunts, she liked playing cop.
And her's the other OC I had in mind. I actually had a mix of her and Aria at first then I realized they'd be best apart. I know she's not like the witches in Supernatural, but maybe she's a different kind of witch, like not human or something. 

Either way, here she is ^ ^
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Alexandrite-Rose Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Oh dude, Teresa would not like her one bit XD
I have a feeling Lacey would get along with her really well, but that'd be hard with Jophiel riding shotgun in her head and all, I don't think angels and witches would be very fond of each other owo
awheeler7 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, Aria would try to get Teresa to warm up to her. Lizzy can be adorable when she wants to be. And she can act perfectly human when she wants. That's the key to her lol, doing things when she wants to. 

Yeaaaa, not sure about Angels and witches. It just depends on Jophiel's view on things. If she has a superiority complex concerning other supernatural creatures then I could see that she wouldn't like her, but otherwise I don't see why not. Maybe they'd bond over their love of humans or something.
Alexandrite-Rose Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
It would take some time, but it would work XD Teresa just doesn't like anyone at first.

And I see Jophie having a development kinda similar to Cas', I really think that if Lacey wants to be friends with Lizzy then Jophie would just tolerate it and NOT kill her for the sake of her beloved vessel ^^"
awheeler7 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lol well aren't they so nice. XD 
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